Summer bucketlist 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

It's June 1 and it's a whopping 40 degrees in Ohio today. Cool, but refreshing. It certainly doesn't feel like summer is just weeks away. 

It's been a few months since I posted. I'll save an update for later but in short, in May: one of my sisters graduated from college, my cousin graduated with her masters, my other sister graduated from high school and yesterday I got back from Pittsburgh following another cousin getting married. Things have been so crazy.

Also, depression and anxiety have hit hard this month. Despite all the sweet, wonderful family time, I think being busy and not having much time to relax has weighed on me. I feel like I always need to be doing something. And if I do have an evening home, I should be catching up on house work, you know?

So I'm going to make an effort this summer to do some fun things in hopes of lightening things up and caring for myself in some small ways.

1. Lake day: we're about an hour south of Lake Erie. My parents have a rental home there and my grandparents live on the lake as well. I'd like to take a Friday or Monday off, load up my dogs and grab a book for a day of relaxation.

2. Hammock time: I got the best hammock for Christmas, but the weather hasn't allowed for much time in it yet. I need to make a point to hang out there on the weekends.

3. Frozen yogurt dates: with how crazy this month has been, Cameron and I have not had a lot of quality time together unfortunately. I'd like to make a point to have a weekly (or every other week) date, like frozen yogurt. Healthy and delicious!

4: Volunteering: our local Arts Partnership's summer event series starts Friday. I volunteer with them regularly (one of my best friends from college is the event director there and we started working with them in college). I love being involved with our community and it raises money for arts programs in local schools. 

5. Shoot more: Cameron is a country boy. I'm a city girl. He enjoys target shooting, hunting and competitive archery. I got a bow a few months ago and I'd like to shoot a lot this season so we can enjoy that together. 

What's your summer look like? Any plans or bucket lists?

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  1. frozen yogurt and hammocks, and shooting. YES
    depression and anxiety have been plaguing me as well!


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