Thoughts on Marriage

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lately I've been thinking a lot about this marriage of mine. The ups and downs, ins and outs, how we function on a daily basis, etc. It's still a bit weird to me to be someone's wife even more than a year later. 
For example, the other night we were watching tv and I heard a name I liked and I said to Cameron, "that would be a beautiful name for a baby girl," and he agreed. It stopped me in my tracks a little bit. The idea that we are married and could start a family anytime we want (not that we couldn't have done so before being married, but you know). 
One of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. The moment my soon-to-be husband first saw me. 

We have our good and bad days, but the good far outnumber the bad. Last night I was laying in bed as Cameron was finishing folding his laundry and I thanked him for making his recent job change, knowing it would be for the best financially. He said it was a no-brainier and thanked me for appreciating him, even though he can be hard to love sometimes. 
In moments like that, the bond between us feels so strong, almost palpable. There's this energy holding us together as if our marriage vows were some magnetic force. I sat there and let myself feel it, the nerves on my back standing at attention as it shivered its way down my spine. For that bond I am so grateful. Certainly I have my days (and he, his) where we struggle and argue and just in general don't want to be around each other. But despite that, there is still that bond, propelling us forward on our path together.
The small moments are where I feel it the most. The co-folding laundry, passing dishes from me to him to be loaded in the washer, me sweeping with him mopping behind me. The teamwork and the strength and the cooperation never cease to amaze me. And I hope it never will. 

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